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Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling Made Simple

They say that home is where the heart is. The kitchen is most probably where it would be found. For most Sacramento families, it is a place where at the end of the say everyone in the family comes together. This is why a kitchen should be maintained as a pleasant and comfortable place for the whole family. Adequate planning and effort is required for Sacramento kitchen remodeling. It may seem like a huge and arduous task but knowing what you want for your kitchen will definitely make this a rather simple job.

Prioritize, know the difference between what you need and what you want. Don’t just randomly buy kitchen stuff just because it looked good in a model kitchen brochure. Think it through and make a list of most to least needed items to be added to your kitchen. Purchase items starting from the top moving down. This way, you won’t end up buying a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t really use.

Give your kitchen an easy-to-use feature. Arrange things in such a way that you will be able to go around your kitchen without difficulty. An example is placing racks to hold spices and seasonings near the cooking area. Another is placing cabinets to store plates and eating utensils the dining area. By doing this, you wouldn’t have to walk across the kitchen just to get something when you need it. Imagine yourself working in the kitchen and make notes on what needs to be added, moved or removed to make your kitchen a more comfortable place to work in.

Consult with experts when doing major kitchen remodels. If your remodeling involves more than just a little drilling, hammering and moving, it’s a good idea to consult with a kitchen remodeling expert. Just tell them what you want to have and what you want done in your kitchen and they will give you expert advice especially when you’re working within a limited budget.

These are just a few tips you can follow when remodeling your kitchen. Seeking out Sacramento kitchen remodeling services will give you more ideas and tricks on how to your kitchen renovations can be made simple.


Modifications to Add in Bathroom Remodel Sacramento Project

Bathroom renovation is a high-stakes remodeling task. A great project can increase your home’s market value and give you outstanding return on your investment. A successful remodel can offer you a comfortable and stunning bathroom you’d enjoy using. Doing it wrong, on the contrary, can lead to repeat jobs, increased expenses, and an ugly space that can turn off future potential home buyers when it’s time to sell. To make certain the good results of your bathroom remodel Sacramento project, make sure to add these modifications:

  • Energy-efficient and water-conserving features

The bathroom is one particular spot in your house where you can actually go all out on energy and water-conserving features. The demand for energy-efficient and water-saving bathroom fixtures is also increasing; adding these to your remodel can increase your home’s market price. Apart from increasing your house’s probable resale price, energy-efficient and water-saving fixtures may also help you get discounts on the cost of your utility bills. Consider adding these items to your bathroom: Reduced flow toilets, a bigger window, Energy Star lighting, and Water Sense-certified fixtures.

  • Additional organized storage space

Bathrooms are known for accumulating containers and jars of products. Introducing more storage that maximizes the available space in your bathroom will add to your benefit and comfort. Smart storage can furthermore make your bathroom look and feel bigger even without adding more space or knocking down walls. Ask your remodeler for hanging cupboards, smart cabinets, rollout trays, and door hooks.

  • New vanity

Even though a vanity is slightly behind a lovely tub or even shower in terms of bathroom fixtures, they often set the mood for the space. It’s also the first thing you discover when you enter your bathroom. A mirror that looks great always gives the impression of a better-looking bathroom. Whether you want a vintage, modern, or standard vanity, a professional bathroom remodeler can offer you what you like and advise you on what’ll work best in your space.

For more details on changes which can really improve your bathroom, have you thought to call a bathroom remodel Sacramento expert today?

Bathroom Remodel Sacramento – Water Conservation Essentials

When you read about drought warnings and water conservation calls throughout California, you begin to understand why a lot of households today have made the decision to do bathroom remodel Sacramento projects in their homes.

Water Conservation

The bathroom is one of the most wasteful areas in terms of water use.

Estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency suggest that the water you waste while inside the bathroom typically accounts for 30 percent of your bill. The percentage excludes your water consumption when you open faucets or take your shower.

Even though drought and water shortage problems are not as pronounced in Sacramento, it doesn’t hurt to make conservation a habit.

By remodeling your old bathroom, you can trim your water consumption and do your part to ensure that there will be enough water to go around for the rest of the state.

Remodeling Ideas

1. Check for leaky faucets and faulty plumbing. Let the professionals step in to fix leaks. Better yet, consider replacing your faucets.

2. Check for leaking toilets and consider getting an upgrade. High-efficiency toilets use 20 percent less water than the conventional counterpart to flush waste.

3. Invest in a waterless urinal. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, urinals allow you to save more than 3,000 gallons of water each month over traditional flush-type toilet. The urinal is a must-have for homes with many male members.

4. Switch to a smaller tub. Bigger tubs require more water to fill. Besides, if you have a smaller bathtub installed, you are also able to create more bathroom space.

5. Consider small and movable shower heads. Not only are they convenient and friendly for members with disability, the size of the shower heads also allow less water to be wasted.

Many home improvement companies can bathroom remodel Sacramento properties to promote water conservation. Many more can remodel bathrooms to save energy. All you need to do is ask for smart essentials.

Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling Safety

A bad job on your home’s kitchen remodeling project may lead to disastrous injuries. As such, we practice precautions and put in safeguards for every project we take on for the protection of our people and clients. For Sacramento kitchen remodeling jobs, we offer clients twice the usual General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation coverage. These insurance plans are in addition to the safety training we provide our staff and crew to keep the project as accident-free as possible.

Safety is a contractor’s first concern

This should not be just lip service for any professional team that takes on home improvement work. For every Sacramento kitchen remodeling job we do, we invest in insurance and provide warranty to our clients. Doing this for every job makes the stakes even higher for our company, leading us to invest even more time and effort to ensure that we do our work right and safe.

How to Lay Out a Bathroom Remodel Sacramento Project

Most bathroom remodel Sacramento projects are started with one goal: To improve the use of space in the room.  However, keep in mind that there are key components – shower, tub, sink, and toilet – that must have strategic locations in a relatively small room.

Here’s a guide on how to design a basic bathroom layout:

1.    Keep codes in mind.

This is why an expert’s help is invaluable. The National Kitchen and Bath Association and the International Residential Code have some spatial requirements that must be followed. You don’t want to finish a project only to find out that you missed or violated a few requirements.

2.    Consider the plumbing.

If budget is not a concern, go ahead and place your sink, toilet, and other plumbing fixtures where you want them. However, if budget is limited, consider integrating the existing piping to your design.

3.     Get the basics in first.

A lot of homeowners get carried away with aesthetics and loading their bathroom designs with lots of luxury items only to find out there’s no space anymore for a toilet. Position the basics first, then you can add in what you want.

Talk to a professional home improvement contractor for more information on bathroom remodel Sacramento.

Make Bathrooms Bigger with Bathroom Remodel Sacramento

One of the most commonly encountered troubles many householders have is the limited space in their bathrooms. They had eliminated the extra items and even sorted the room but nevertheless, there isn’t any space. It does not matter it is a wash room, a guest shower room, an en-suite or master’s bathroom, space is a primary concern. In any case, hundreds of homeowners are installing a shower, toilet, and sink, at the very least – three fixtures that can occupy too much room. Usually, only a bathroom remodel Sacramento project will be sufficient as an answer to the problem.

Then again bathroom remodeling, especially those that require tearing down walls can be quite expensive. In case you are not capable of devoting twenty grand for major washroom renovation, here’s a short guide on the best ways to make best use of the bathroom area without shelling out a lot of money:

• Work with a professional bathroom remodeler.

Employing a company may seem like the opposite of saving your money but it surely is most effective. By using the services of specialist contractors, your shower will certainly look superior for a longer period and circumvent problems many DIY endeavors are afflicted by like chipped floor tiles or leaky water system. Plus: Licensed remodeler can assist you in developing your shower to optimize room. Their experience is valuable in giving you with space or room options your lavatory needs.

• Make use of the current pipe joints but go small on the features.

Skilled remodelers can add in your already present water system in the development of your new shower to cut expenses. Putting in new pipes and shutting down off previous ones can consume a substantial part of your funding so it’s frequently more suitable to maintain them especially if they still operate perfectly. To make best use of space, decide for scaled down sinks, vanities, and toilets the bathroom. They function just as brilliantly but take in not as much area.

• Retain the washroom blueprint.

Demolition, debris removal, and disposal costs could possibly also consume a chunk of the project’s budget so think twice about having walls in your lavatory knocked down. You can easily check with your bathroom remodel Sacramento building contractors for a remedy on making these wall spaces work. Latest developments these days see bathroom wall space designed as spare storage containers.

• Pick for smarter storage space treatments.

Bathroom shelves ought to be well-designed and fashionable at the same time. With eye-catching storage strategies, you get rid of the need for supplemental accent and decor in the bathroom, showing more important room or space. Hanging shelves, glass racks, and wall-mounted storage hooks are popular and reasonable options. Plus: All these storage treatments show much of the wall and floors, presenting your bathroom the impression of space.

• Switch to a light scheme.

In the event that there’s just one single task you can do for your bathroom renovation project, allow it to be re-tiling the room or repainting it in a light tone. White and a few other light color styles have got that fantastic ability to mirror daylight and make a space appear brighter and larger. Even without having additional modifications, a light-colored powder room will appear significantly roomier.

There are many other projects that can easily make best use of space in your bathroom that don’t cost much. Explain your budget and what you want for your bathroom with your contractors. Expert contractors could certainly present you solutions for your bathroom remodel Sacramento project that suits your preferences, design, and budget.

Kitchen Remodel Sacramento: What’s Hot and Not This 2012

Year 2011 has been an awesome 12 months for the home remodeling and design sector. With the advancements in the online world, home owners now see kitchen area renovation in an entirely new light. Kitchen remodel Sacramento businesses are forced to alter the way they do remodeling jobs as more and more people gain access to additional information on the subject of home improvement. As a result, remodeling rates have gone down and the competition has been fiercer than ever

Given these changes, we look into most of the elements that have defined the Kitchen Remodel Sacramento scene of 2011 along with the rising movements in the redesigning business for this year:

Hot Topic 1: Kitchen Layout 

  • Shaker Kitchens: Among the most popular cooking area models associated with 2011 are contemporary and shaker kitchen designs. Ageless, classy, and positively practical, shaker kitchens merge smart design with reasonable looks.
  • Green, Please: Earth-friendly cooking area designs also stole center stage this year as awareness about the degrading state of the  planet’s atmosphere and climate change continues to spread amidst Sacramento homeowners; helping consumers to opt for eco-friendly supplies. Tax discounts for working with Energy Star Licensed items also have achieved a good deal of publicity and has helped to promote more energy-efficient homes.
  • Kitchens for the Budget Conscious: While the monetary drawback and economic slump has obligated people to scale back expenses on kitchen remodel projects, Sacramento enthusiasts as well as house owners throughout the nation are finding smart approaches to feature affordable luxury to their cooking areas for just a fraction of the cost; all without sacrificing either looks or performance. This kind of trend is believed to gain more popularity in the coming year.

Hot Topic 2: Kitchen Components 

Alternative components and non-traditional materials have been the main focus of most 2011 kitchen area remodel jobs. The demand for reused, recycled, and reclaimed supplies is actually at a record high. Products like bamboo and reclaimed timber are finding far more usage in remodeling assignments not only in Sacramento but all around the country.

Other than simply being inexpensive, these types of materials provide a wide array of textures that could not be otherwise present in far more typical models. Work stations created from recycled aggregate supplies, salvaged cross-bow supports, and concrete walls are getting to be a lot more well-liked amongst kitchen remodel Sacramento enthusiasts.

Apart from sustainable solutions, the dominant kitchen style of 2011 has also been based on strong, clean lines portrayed by aluminum, metal, and stainless steel. Be prepared to find much more metal cabinets, chrome steel taps, and metallic fridges by the next year.

Hot Topic 3: Sustainable Cooking 

Kitchen innovations are predicted to be the big thing for this year, and clues indicate that this is merely the start of an explosion in the production of eco friendly kitchen solutions. As environmental consciousness has gotten to the field of kitchen remodel and the consciousness of remodelers, Sacramento and other metropolitan areas are going for lesser carbon dioxide pollutants whenever they can. The manufacturing procedure for environmentally friendly items generate less carbon dioxide, and are created to operate on the lowest amount of amount of energy. Radiant heat systems, panels, solar cell systems, and convection cooking ranges are just some fixtures to become big this 2012.

Exciting Promises for the Future 

Kitchen remodel Sacramento specialists, designers, and experts concur that as increasing numbers of consumers realize the growing amount of alternative products available on the market, cost for kitchen redesign will continue to drop, together with this will come far better, smart, and a lot more power efficient kitchens.