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Kitchen Remodel in Sacramento: 6 Improvements that can Sell Your Home

December 14, 2011

Home buyers are a fickle and picky bunch. As a kitchen remodel Sacramento contractor who have worked closely with home stagers and real estate agents, we’ll let you in on this secret: The kitchen almost always sells the house. A lot of home buyers can live with small master bedroom but won’t tolerate an ugly kitchen.

Many homeowners invest in upgrading their kitchen prior to reselling. This works on two fronts: First, you can ask for a bigger selling price. A remodeled kitchen can bring you 72.8% return on investment. Second, your home will sell faster. A home that stays on the market for longer than a month starts losing value. Discuss your budget with your contractor prior to starting on kitchen remodel. Sacramento contractors can give you the best kitchen you can afford on your budget.

Here are six kitchen improvements that can sell your house: 

  1. Kitchen Organization

Many home buyers are families with busy schedules; the easier your kitchen is to work in, the happier they’ll be. Talk to your Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor about organizing workspaces in the kitchen. When doing a kitchen remodel, Sacramento contractors often advise homeowners to keep the needs of future home buyers in mind since kitchens are expensive and long-term investments.

  1. Ample Storage Space

Think built-in cabinetry, shelves, and hanging racks. Many home buyers have more stuff than they know what to do with including kitchen gadgets and small appliances. You want your kitchen to look organized, clean and big so consider adding cabinets or a kitchen island. If the space doesn’t allow for added fixtures, talk to your kitchen remodel Sacramento contractor for alternatives like hanging racks, or shelves on the back of cabinet doors.

  1. Clean, Slip-proof Floor

Kitchen can be dangerous since oil, water, and other spills can make the floor slippery. Home buyers with elderly and small members of the family will certainly look to your kitchen floor for more than just aesthetics. Consider adding slip-proof and cushioned mats along workstations to reduce risks. For a complete kitchen remodel, Sacramento contractors can recommend floor finishes that may reduce the risk of slipping.

  1. Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash

Granite countertops sell well because they look good. However, there also moderately priced options for a budgeted kitchen remodel. Sacramento contractors can suggest alternatives that are not so expensive and easier to maintain. The same goes for backsplash.

  1. Fresh Paint

Paint can instantly brighten up your kitchen. Fresh paint in neutral colors also sells well since many home buyers find them easier to live with than bright colors. Have your walls painted light neutrals like cream, taupe or off-white for an airy and clean look during your kitchen remodel. Sacramento contractors also suggest richer neutrals like toffee for a more elegant feel.

  1. Window Treatments

If you have big windows in your kitchen, consider opening them up to look out into your backyard. This will instantly make your kitchen airier and look bigger.

Cover these six areas when you remodel your kitchen and you will soon have buyers making offers on your property. If you want to resell your home, hiring a kitchen remodel Sacramento contractor may be the best thing for your kitchen.


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