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Kitchen Remodel in Sacramento: 5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Family-Friendly

December 15, 2011

Today, kitchens are the most overused area in many homes. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve prepared meals for your family, ate breakfasts on the countertops, and hosted parties in your kitchen. You may have also found yourself in the kitchen writing up household accounts while having a nightcap. Your children may be fond of doing their homework in the kitchen – perhaps with a bit of snack. With so many people using your kitchen, it pays to make sure that the area cozy and safe. A kitchen remodel Sacramento company can help transform your kitchen from gourmet’s domain to a family-friendly space.

We list five ways to make your kitchen family-friendly: 

  1. Go for engineered stone countertops.

While granite is a popular choice because of its look, it can be hard to maintain for homes with young children or teenagers in the house. Engineered stone counters are not as porous but looks just as beautiful and are lower maintenance too. These countertops also have long warranties so be sure to ask your kitchen remodel Sacramento contractor for them.

  1. Opt for porcelain tile or distressed wood floors.

Porcelain tiles and distressed wood may not be as luxurious as travertine but they are easier to maintain. They’re less slippery which reduces the risks of slipping for young children or the elderly. These floors are also easier on the cook’s feet especially if you spend long hours standing during food preparation. For extra security, you can also ask your kitchen remodel Sacramento contractor for slip-proof, and cushioned mats in front of the cook top, island and sink to ease the strain on the cook’s legs.

  1. Get ample food storage.

In a Sacramento kitchen remodeling project, homeowners are advised to consider how much food storage their families need. For example, if you are four in the family – two adults and two kids – will need a fridge sized at least 14 cubic feet. If you have young children, getting an island drawer shelf fridge may be best since it allows your kids to get their own treats and may save you more money as they deliberate which snack to get. If you are unsure about sizes, your kitchen remodel Sacramento company can give you useful advice.

  1. Consider having a kitchen hall closet.

If your family is like most families in the country, the front door is often neglected for the kitchen door. Instead of passing though the front door, you probably enter your home through the kitchen from work. Your children are also likely to enter the house through the kitchen and deposit their clutter in the area. Ask your kitchen remodel Sacramento contractor to create a sort of hall closet in the kitchen with wall-mounted hooks to hang coats on or a place to deposit mail, bills and other clutter out of sight.

  1. Install out-of-the-way cook tops and ovens.

Burns are a very real threat when you have curious children and forgetful teens running about the house. Consider getting an induction cooker to keep burn risks minimal as well as placing ovens and microwaves where older children can easily reach them but prevent the young ones from playing with them. You can also ask your kitchen remodel Sacramento contractor to introduce child-proof safety measures in your kitchen.

Help your kitchen be a space your whole family will enjoy and be comfortable in with the help of a Sacramento kitchen remodeling contractor.


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