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How to Lay Out a Bathroom Remodel Sacramento Project

January 27, 2012

Most bathroom remodel Sacramento projects are started with one goal: To improve the use of space in the room.  However, keep in mind that there are key components – shower, tub, sink, and toilet – that must have strategic locations in a relatively small room.

Here’s a guide on how to design a basic bathroom layout:

1.    Keep codes in mind.

This is why an expert’s help is invaluable. The National Kitchen and Bath Association and the International Residential Code have some spatial requirements that must be followed. You don’t want to finish a project only to find out that you missed or violated a few requirements.

2.    Consider the plumbing.

If budget is not a concern, go ahead and place your sink, toilet, and other plumbing fixtures where you want them. However, if budget is limited, consider integrating the existing piping to your design.

3.     Get the basics in first.

A lot of homeowners get carried away with aesthetics and loading their bathroom designs with lots of luxury items only to find out there’s no space anymore for a toilet. Position the basics first, then you can add in what you want.

Talk to a professional home improvement contractor for more information on bathroom remodel Sacramento.

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