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Modifications to Add in Bathroom Remodel Sacramento Project

May 18, 2012

Bathroom renovation is a high-stakes remodeling task. A great project can increase your home’s market value and give you outstanding return on your investment. A successful remodel can offer you a comfortable and stunning bathroom you’d enjoy using. Doing it wrong, on the contrary, can lead to repeat jobs, increased expenses, and an ugly space that can turn off future potential home buyers when it’s time to sell. To make certain the good results of your bathroom remodel Sacramento project, make sure to add these modifications:

  • Energy-efficient and water-conserving features

The bathroom is one particular spot in your house where you can actually go all out on energy and water-conserving features. The demand for energy-efficient and water-saving bathroom fixtures is also increasing; adding these to your remodel can increase your home’s market price. Apart from increasing your house’s probable resale price, energy-efficient and water-saving fixtures may also help you get discounts on the cost of your utility bills. Consider adding these items to your bathroom: Reduced flow toilets, a bigger window, Energy Star lighting, and Water Sense-certified fixtures.

  • Additional organized storage space

Bathrooms are known for accumulating containers and jars of products. Introducing more storage that maximizes the available space in your bathroom will add to your benefit and comfort. Smart storage can furthermore make your bathroom look and feel bigger even without adding more space or knocking down walls. Ask your remodeler for hanging cupboards, smart cabinets, rollout trays, and door hooks.

  • New vanity

Even though a vanity is slightly behind a lovely tub or even shower in terms of bathroom fixtures, they often set the mood for the space. It’s also the first thing you discover when you enter your bathroom. A mirror that looks great always gives the impression of a better-looking bathroom. Whether you want a vintage, modern, or standard vanity, a professional bathroom remodeler can offer you what you like and advise you on what’ll work best in your space.

For more details on changes which can really improve your bathroom, have you thought to call a bathroom remodel Sacramento expert today?

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